ress public fears over mad cow

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    members have already o▓ffered to resign.South Korean negotiators ▓are meeti

    ng U.S. officials in Washin▓gton to try to revise the pact in order to secure extra safeguards against mad cow disease.U.S. Agricultura

    l Department recalls 65 mln kg of frozen beefPremier Wen Jiabao has visite

    d the northwestern Xinjiang▓ Uygur Auto

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    nomous Region, which has been hit by the worst snowfall in six decades. Wen

    Jiabao promised to take effective measures to help people through the difficult period.On Saturday afternoon, after a five hour flig

    ht, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in northern Xinjiang and visited a K▓azak vi

    llage in the suburbs.The temperature had

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    falle▓n to 26 degrees below ze

    ro and snow was piled ▓up more than a meter high along the village path.A villager told the Premier that

  • eached an agreement on April

    his fodder reserve would only l

    ast till March and the cattle could not move to the summer range until May.Wen Jiabao instructed local

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    officials to speed up the transp

    ort of fodder from farming regions th▓at are less badly affected.The government will offer subsidies an

of U.S. beef from cattle of

d prov▓ide cheap loans for shepherds, and conti▓nue to provide assistance into the spr

ing.Wen Jiabao's next stop was a shepherd settlement in Tacheng, another badly hit area.The settlement is home to about 1,000 formerly nomadic shepherd families who have settled down in the neighborhood with

a school, clinic and veterinary service.Visiting a family there, W

en Jiabao learnt that their cattle are being kept indoors to survive the cold.Through such settlement projects, shepherds are more capable of coping

with natural disas▓ters and have better access to education and other services.LAGOS, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- Twenty-three persons aboard a trailer loaded with cattle were

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confirmed dead after a crash in northern Niger▓ia's Zamfara State, local media reported on Friday. Twenty passengers were killed on the spot in the accident on Wednesday night at the Gidan▓ Kano

village along the Sokoto Gusau road. An

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